You Must Get Them All

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Over the course of 2018, I wrote a blog called The Fall in Fives, in which I reviewed all 525 Fall songs (you could quibble about the exact number forever, but 525 is what I went with) in batches selected by a random number generator. (If you want to look for any specific song, the index is here.)

Having no greater ambition regarding readership than to get securely into double figures, I was delighted and rather surprised to find, after a while, each post getting around 200 views and 300+ following on Twitter (@TheFallinFives). So, with much appreciated encouragement from a wide range of people, I am now going to attempt something similar with the albums.

Although the random formation of sets of five for the Fi5 blog made for some intriguing and/or pleasing combinations, I think that a chronological approach is the best choice for the albums. I am going to cover all of the studio LPs, plus selected EPs, live albums and compilations (this selection is, by the way, based solely on my own highly subjective criteria).┬áThe title, obviously, comes from John Peel’s wise words in the above video:

People write to me and say, ‘I heard The Fall – which record should I get?’ And I never have have any hesitation in telling them: you must get them all. Because it’s impossible to pick one; y’know, you have to have them all, you do. And you have to have any new record that comes out… Live in Nova Scotia 1984; even if the sound quality’s terrible, and he was pissed, or he’d just fired half the band, or whatever… you still have to have them. You do.

So there is no answer to that… and in fact I’ll go further. I say: anybody who can tell you the five best Fall LPs, or the five best Fall tracks, has missed the point, really; it’s the whole body of the work that is to be applauded.

Sources will be referenced in each post; the bibliography is here.

So, whether you’ve ploughed through all 105 posts on The Fall in Fives, or whether you’re a brand new reader – welcome to YMGTA.

Live 77

Live At The Witch Trials


Totale’s Turns


The Legendary Chaos Tape / Live In London 1980


A Part Of America Therein, 1981

Hex Enduction Hour

Room To Live

Perverted By Language

The Wonderful And Frightening World Of…

This Nation’s Saving Grace

Bend Sinister

The Frenz Experiment

I Am Kurious Oranj

Seminal Live



Code: Selfish

The Infotainment Scan

Middle Class Revolt

Cerebral Caustic

The Twenty-Seven Points

The Light User Syndrome

Fall Compilations 1981-98


The Marshall Suite

The Unutterable

Are You Are Missing Winner

The Real New Fall LP Formerly ‘Country On The Click’

Fall Compilations 1999-2004

Fall Heads Roll

The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004

Reformation Post TLC

Imperial Wax Solvent

Your Future Our Clutter

Erstaz GB


The Remainderer

Sub-Lingual Tablet


The Fall’s “Borrows”
A collection of songs that the group ‘took inspiration from’ –
Part 1 (1984-88)
Part 2 (1988-97)
Part 3